Google Art Project 

I wanted to pass along a link to the Google Art Project and Google Cultural Institute, both of which I’ve never heard of before, and they sounds quite familiar (i.e. like Europeana).  They say:

Google has partnered with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives to host the world’s cultural treasures online.  With a team of dedicated Googlers, we are building tools that allow the cultural sector to display more of its diverse heritage online, making it accessible to all.  Here you can find artworks, landmarks and world heritage sites, as well as digital exhibitions that tell the stories behind the archives of cultural institutions across the globe. 

Has anyone heard more about this?  The Google Art Project looks like both a portal to different art objects, artists, and museums, as well as a social media-esque site where users can create their own collections and galleries and share them.  Can’t seem to find any information on their metadata or back-end at all (which is not surprising, I guess).  I don’t have an opinion on the whole thing yet, but does make it clear just how far reaching Google’s hand is.