Dalhousie University’s 3D Model Archive

Canada’s Dalhousie University Libraries have created a 3D Model Repository.


In case you don’t know what that is, it is described as “an open database filled with three-dimensional scans of interesting objects in the university’s possession. The files can be freely downloaded in their full detail and viewed in most common 3D modelling applications.” But, there are jpegs available of individual views, if you don’t have fancy modeling software.

Using a NextEngine 3D scanner (which is also available for the students and free to use), they have digitized
about 30 objects so far, mostly shells and bones from the university’s marine biology collection. The digitized objects can also be cheaply printed on the library’s 3D printer!

“It’s about opening up that whole history to a wider audience, making it more accessible,” says [Michael Groenendyk, grad student working on the repository]. “You won’t need to be within Halifax to come see this marine biology collection. You just need Internet access.”

There is also a short video at the above link that shows how the 3D scanner works.