Getty Publishing Vocabularies in LOD

The Getty Vocabulary Program released a plan to publish the four vocabularies as LOD. Below is from a pdf document downloaded from the Getty research site at:

Getty Vocabularies as LOD: A project plan is under development for publishing the four Getty vocabularies as LOD successively, beginning with the AAT. It is anticipated that the data will be published as SKOS- extended format under the ODC-BY 1.0 license. The current plan is to also continue providing the data as relational tables and XML. More details, along with information about the time line and status of this project, will be posted on the Vocabulary Program site.

Current status:
 In 2011 we worked with Marcia Zeng to develop a mapping of AAT to SKOS extended
 In late 2012 we began the ‘Getty Vocabularies as Linked Data’ project
 We identified our namespace as
 We worked with attorney to identify what type of CC license we are intending to use  We worked with an outside consultant to explore turning the mapping into published linked data  We are currently working on a prototype for AAT

Next steps:  Complete the prototype for AAT
 Draft specifications for publishing AAT, TGN, ULAN, and CONA as Linked Open Data
 Explore the possibilities for outsourcing some of the work
 Begin the implementation
 Our current target is to have AAT available as LOD sometime in 2013

PDF of Patricia Harpring’s August 2012 presentation on the LOD project

You can download sample records in XML here: