Here is an introduction to the IA Institute website and library refactoring project.

The Topological Thinness of Summer Daisies by Dorian Taylor

Dorian is a board member from Vancouver who is leading the redesign of the website. He prefers to call it a refactoring rather than a redesign because what he is trying to do is link the metadata from all of the website’s content, regardless of whether it is a library entry, job post, web page or image so that it can be presented in any design and deliver the user exactly the content they need based on the context for which they are requesting it.

There are a number of additional files and articles below that show how far along he has gotten. Some of the work he is doing is still not released to the public, but as it comes out, I would be happy to share it with the class. Dorian’s plan is to complete the refactoring project in time for the IA Institute members annual meeting at the IA Summit in April.

GitHub Concept map

Gephi Software

My Work at the IA Institute: An Anthology by Dorian Taylor

Dissolving the Redesign

Dorian’s latest work is something he calls an “Angry Fruit Salad” which is an interactive metadata listing of library taxonomy, showing all records that are linked to the various categories. I don’t have permission to show it yet, probably because it’s so ugly right now!