After last night’s presentation, I thought I should share these two great projects with regards to digital preservation and digital forensics. I found both on the Open Source Archiving blog – “The BitCurator Project is an effort to build, test, and analyze systems and software for incorporating digital forensics methods into the workflows of a variety of collecting institutions.” From the BitCurator site I also found this great blog post from the Library of Congress: Apparently, the SILS program at UNC Chapel Hill has a “Digital Acquisition Learning Laboratory, which established and implemented hands-on digital forensics learning experiences for library and information science students”. Sounds great to me. The second project is Archivematica, an open-source digital preservation system. Their description of the functional requirements of a digital archiving system, described in this blog post,, are very helpful. I also especially like their description of the “agile software development approach”, where you release often and early, rather than waiting to develop the perfect software. This allows development to be flexible. In the future, the project hopes to work on integration with the BitCurator project I described above, as well as with CollectiveAccess and DSpace.