I was reading about open source tools and came across the following.

The open source software is called Kete and can be found at the following link:


It was developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications, Ltd. for the Kete Horowhenua site. However, other communities or institutions have started to use it.

“Kete is a collaboration engine. It is open source software that you can use to create and share online. Write topics and upload images, audio, video, documents. Discuss them all. Link them together.” It is an open source web application written on top of the Ruby on Rails framework and can be thought of as a relational wiki.

The Kete Horowhenua site, http://horowhenua.kete.net.nz/en/site, “aims to get privately owned papers and photographs out from under beds and sitting alongside public archive and photograph collections. But we want so much more too. We want to capture the memories and stories that are our heritage, we want a place where our artists can showcase their work, and where our businesses and attractions can promote themselves, where we can celebrate who we are and how we live and what we do through photographs, video and audio footage and stories.”

Other sites using Kete can be found here: http://kete.net.nz/en/site/kete_sites?view_as=list

Kete was very much created for individuals to add their own content on the front end of a community site. It does seem great to get people involved. However, I question the organization and metadata elements (or lack there of). However, these may be able to be improved (not certain either way). Also, all the sites look quite similar. Additionally, I feel like you need to know what you are looking for (search box) or are okay with browsing (through non-specific topics, which are more like type then topic and include topic, video, image, audio, web, etc). It is one thing to collect information somewhere, but, of course, as we know, we would like to be able to find it again. Despite this, maybe this software does have more potential.