I went to the Roundabout Theatre Archive last Friday and spent some time talking to Tiffany Nixon, who is the Archivist there. She’s been responsible for single-handedly creating the company archive in the past 3 years, and her work has been amazing. She uses Collective Access as her content management system, and while she explained that it wasn’t perfect, it was really effective in assigning classifications for all of her theatrical ephemera and physical objects. As she explained it, she works with the development and marketing departments, and has tried to get them involved with using Collective Access too, but they are pretty hesitant to get on board – it’s hard to change other people’s technology habits.

We also discussed her current work on digitization projects, and she said that she and her one intern spend the majority of their days digitizing programs (also for the marketing department). The collection they are promoting online are from their more current box office successes, and there is a lag in getting the more historical items digitized and cataloged. This is definitely cause for concern, since the older materials are what are in danger of being lost. Ironically, there was an electrical fire in the building the morning before I visited the space, and this brush with near disaster inspired some new dialogue between Tiffany and the administrative offices about re-prioritizing their digitization needs.

Just some food for thought….