Best of the Web – Western Australia Museum

The website I selected to evaluate for “Best of the Web” was the Western Australia Museum website at I chose it for a number of reasons including that I feel Australia seems to be at the forefront of interesting changes and developments in the information science field, it was redeveloped using the open source platform and the summary mentioned implementing geolocation tagging for collections.

I find the landing page of the website to be fairly standard template. I feel museum websites are tricky in the fact that you are trying to take so much information and gear towards a wide variety of users. It is nice that the site map along with accessibility info and contact information is prominently featured. Searching within the site is done with Google, while searching within the collections is more focused. The main navigation is adequate, but things can get a little tricky once you click into a particular area and you are dealing with three levels of navigation.

Within the collections you are able to explore their databases. I chose to explore the shipwreck database. The search function is easy to use or you can choose a wreck to explore from the alphabetical listing below. Once you’ve click on a particular wreck, a variety of information is listed including name of the wreck, where it occurred (with a georeferenced map), details on the ship (where it was built, dimensions, port city) links to artifacts from the wreck and sources. All in all, I found the resource to be easy to use and informative.