Best of the Web-The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy (

The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy ( is an interactive website that allows the user to interact with the tomb of John the Fearless and the figures of mourners that adorn it. The site allows the user to browse by a specific figure, an entire side of the tomb or to view the object in its entirety. There is a well written introduction explaining the piece and its place in French art. The site also includes a collection of links to scholarship on the tomb and the Court of Burgundy.
I found the site to be interesting and fun to use. There were relatively good instructions that explained to the user how to change the views or look at different parts of the object. However, there were not any search functions, instead the user had to select a way to view the piece and then scroll over the pieces until they found what they were looking for specifically. This is not much a problem in this case because the piece being displayed is small enough that the user can scroll though quickly, but I see this as being problematic for other objects that might have more components. The search function aside, this layout does seem useful when trying to create a digital layout to show a piece of art, or perhaps a building, that is multifaceted and has several parts to it.
Overall, I feel that the site offers good background information and links to relevant scholarship on the piece. It also does a good job of describing each individual part while still paying attention to the aggregate. This would not necessarily be a good source for scholarly research, but it is fun and helps to develop a decent background knowledge on the subject or to help a researcher that needs to view the piece but is unable to travel to its physical location. I also believe that it is an excellent model for building sites that can provide access and views of art and cultural heritage objects that either include multiple components or need to be viewed three dimensionally.