Andy Warhol Screen Tests website evaluation

I chose to take a closer look at the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures: Screen Tests interactive website, which was nominated in the category of Social Media, and effectively is an art educational web-based activity that supplements the exhibition “Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures exhibition (on view through March 21).

Having seen the exhibiton in person, and coming from the perspective of having completed a course last semester in Library and Museum Education and Outreach, I was interested in trying to evaluate the success of the website from multiple points of view.

Related to the functionality and design of the website I would say the design is sleek and consistent with the branding of the museum. One note I would offer, however, is that from one tab or function to another and back again this site is not entirely navigable and could definitely be fine-tuned.

I think there is an appropriate amount of information that gives background on the exhibition in a way that sheds light on the resource, as well as relates the project to  Warhol’s creative process, which is a key educational component to contemporary art instruction.

The social media component to this site is the exercise in where visitors are encouraged to generate content to the site by staging their own screen tests given some technical criteria, and posting them to their individual Flickr sites and integrating them to the website via the use of tags.

What is key to the success of the project aesthetically in my mind is the use of black and white in the user videos, as well as the sleekness of the site, which mimics the minimalism of the exhibition. The user can link to the Flickr page where these tags are collected but for the sake of the exhibition they are collected as a satellite exhibition.

I was also interested by the fact that the project essentially stages a small and focused digital video archive as well as a presentation database.