Hello all — I wanted to type a bit about the Clifford Lynch reading. At this point, that talk was presented nine years ago, and given that darn rapid pace of technology, I wonder if anyone has any good examples of robust communities that have developed around particular digital collections. I’m sort of thinking of the Future of the Book projects — collaborative reading and what have you — but I wonder if there are more examples.

Also, I sort of took issue early on in this particular reading with Dr. Lynch’s brushing off of “passive” entertainment — television and music and whatnot — as being mere media consumption and not worthy of recognition in collections of digital content. He returns to his distaste for these iterations of pop culture a couple times throughout his discussion. However, these media already have robust communities and discussions built around them… a very enthusiastic, if not centralized, online discourse that he is envisioning — it’s just about, say, Tron instead of Euripides.