Here is my post for the resource that I posted last week for the make up class:

The Variable Media Network is a project that was developed in ‘98 by a curator at the Guggenheim Musuem and is now being further developed by the Daniel Langlois Foundation. I think that this resource is an amazing solution to cataloging and preserving conceptual and experimental works.

According to the Guggenheim website the software used to catalogue does not consider the media used to create the works and their physical components but rather the works behavioral chacteristics and intrinsic events associated with the work.

This solves the problem of how to recreate a performance piece or an instillation piece that was interactive. One example thy use on the VMN website is whether to reinstall a work way the users may have altered it if it was an interactive work or install they way it looked originally, to do this the use the Variable Media Questionnaire to make sure the capture the artists intentions.

The web site gives some interesting examples of art that would benefit from the questionnaire in order to better understand the purpose of this project. According to the VMN website current aim of the affiliation between them and the Guggenheim is to help build a network of organizations that will develop the tools, methods and standards needed to implement a preservation strategy.