Metadata: Getty Research Institute Readings (Intro, Metadata, Selecting a Metadata Schema)

Hi Everyone-

I am presenting the first part of this week’s readings, so I thought I would post a little outline of the readings and some questions/issues to think about.

“Introduction to Imaging (Research at the Getty)”


-Digital imaging is a way to “display and link collections…breaks down physical barriers to access” and has the “potential [to] reach audiences across the social and economic boundaries…”

-Early digital imaging projects were experimental, small—>Necessary to develop data and technology standards.

-Different image format and metadata standards

-Management of “hybrid collections” is necessary

-“Areas of particular concern include integration and interoperability with other information resources and activities; the development of a strategy that does not limit or foreclose future options and that offers a likely upgrade path; and ensuring the longevity of digital assets.”


-Metadata Schema: “prescribed lists of elements, or fields”

-Quality of metadata is more important than the format/software used to generate it

-“…allows collection managers to track, preserve, and make accessible digital images and enables end users to find and distinguish between various images.”

-metadata crossroads

Selecting a Metadata Schema:

-Used to structure info/data

-*Schemas for hybrid collections: “…many versions of one object, and their relationships must be recorded”

-1:1 metadata schemas vs. hierarchical schemas

Issues Raised:

-The development of data and technology standards and the challenges of developing standards to be used amongst different organizations within one institution

-The idea of “hybrid” collections and selecting the appropriate metadata schema for those collections

-1:1 vs. hierarchical schemas and FRBR (